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I guess this is a good topic to talk about. Usually, I am a calm person. A person I admire, tells me all the time "you are green" (green means a calm person), but actually, I am not. My feelings, my actions, my vision and the words I speak are really fire, because I want to be successful! Today I had a talk for 1 or 2 hours about my vision and how I see life, how I see the fashion industry and where I would like to be.

My agent was poker face, maybe just because I was strange and maybe because we are so different, but that's actually a good thing. She is a badass at business that people run from her, but the truth is, even if you talk with me, she has the last word. This is not because I am arrogant, is just because she is very good in talking business. Sometimes she knows me better than myself in some situations and it helps me to grow as a kind, beautiful and strong person.

Why to follow me? Because I actually care and because I am facing hard moments like you and I swear to help you in some way (by saving money). I have a team and each one is doing something like sending e-mails, helping at videos/photos.
I am doing this because I need people to help me and to grow much faster, but I love having people around me. It's like a second family. It's not easy to manage people, but I really love what I do. If you want me to answer about different questions you may have, just hit me out! I will be as open as I can.

On my instagram I am not posting many pictures with me as you can see, but I will try in the future. I know this would be a strong contact with each other, but Thank God for having instagram story to post my face there. Haha.

I will let you know what equipment I am using, I will tell you about fashion week, I will tell you about my passions/dreams/Dua Lipa...or where to stay in Paris for vacantion. I will help you feel free when you are not, maybe because of the society limitation. I will be with you and you can be with me right now, just by reading this. I know we are really caught up on social media, so don't worry. But the difference is that I am doing something when I am not posting and you should too.

So why follow me? Because I am interested in people, connecting with people "soul capturing". You will hear a lot from me over here! This is my role in this team I have, and because of this I will need people to work with me and make amazing things for different jobs.

Who knows? Maybe someday you will be part of my family.

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