Fuck x off


Fuck x off I like to say it out loud when I loose my temper , it helps to speak out loud ,most of our thoughts come and go ,nothing is forever ,just the goals maybe ,but they also change because of the actions you choose to make.

 Fuck x off I like to say it out loud when I loose my temper , it helps to speak out loud ,most of our thoughts come and go ,nothing is forever ,just the goals maybe ,but they also change because of the actions you choose to make. It’s a phrase I use to tell myself to let go to some actions that will ruin a connection. I am not a diplomatic person when it comes to putting yourself out there, that’s why I have an agent . Of course ,I am not an animal,I just like to speak honest without any boundaries . I realised that some people don’t like this and I am ok with it .I also realised that I can be calm and tell the same things without being to hard on someone ,in the first place is better for me for keeping my fucks for something else and for the other person to still tolerate me ,so it’s a win-win. I am connected deeply when I am speaking about my feelings ,I know this is one of my flaws . But the good news is I learned how to be calm and not judge that hard .

For example discovering that being sad, suffering ,getting angry ,is not a real thing ,just dig down through your feelings and try to analyze just YOU. The final result is : suffer doesn’t exist “ pride”. Think this way . We are fighting ,ok ? I say rude stuff about you ,you say rude stuff about me ,we are getting angrier and angrier, until one of us let the guard down and say “enough ! we are done ! “ Just realise that some people have expiration dates and even if you developed a calm ,relaxing personality (or whatever it is) ,people will still have problems with what you will say ,so just let go . If you understand this, you will understand how to Deal with some clients ,friends…people . Don’t be like me ,because I started to become a more grumpy person, life is so subtle and I didn’t even realised . I was caught in a trap let’s say. I was in a “ pride trap “ I started to lose my temper , feeling like this is not for me ,that I should give up ,be normal (because I am not ) and take a normal job ,but you know something ? if you are feeling this way it’s actually a good thing ! it shows that you have fire and desire in your soul ,it means that you give a damn about something you really care ,you are a step ahead than other people that are dealing with being lame and normal .  


 I guess I’ve been that hard on people because I have to work fast ,deliver quality and make my clients happy . For achieving this level ,you really have to talk very much ,send samples, make changes,go back to the initial idea , start again and the list can continue but I promise, even if I had moments when I am not that kind with words , I am still the same, I just want to get over the fight and make my point of view more understable (does it have any sense ? ) I am sometimes a clingy person because I want to keep as many people beside me ,I know time flies and we are constantly learning but this is how I am , clingy friend,that cares to much . Learning to educate myself is one of the best things .

I am bringing out to life the best version of me : the calm ,peaceful ,me . when you become this kind of person ,it changes everything.


I don’t have a problem with normal people , I just don’t like spending my time with them ,that’s all ,I respect everyone on this planet , don’t take seriously everything I say , just take the good parts ,please! My dream is to be a fashion photographer, to shoot models and work with creative people because they are filling my soul with good vibes .

But being a fashion photographer it’s not just models and glam stuff . In my opinion (if you have other opinions let me know ) it s about creating your style , be different ,learning all the time . Fashion sometimes is not perfect,my job is to make it perfect ,to look perfect ,when the truth is a really stormy” world and I love that! I remember when I started to shoot and retouch , I knew nothing! I had few money and poor equipment . (For example nikon d60 with kit lens ).but I started to grow and discover that I can manage my jobs ,changed my camera and more try to be more confident , don’t let anyone to ruin your day , Dealing with clients will be much easier , I promise.

Strange how can one little feeling can change everything.


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