I'm not everyone.


This article is for those who daydream,for those who listen to good music ,for people who were saved by music and by art ,by art I mean everything around us and everything we do,I feel you in each way and I will be here to talk about different aspects of my life and what you can do to make things much easier.

I’ll start by saying thanks for stopping here on my website and read this short description from my soul . I decided to start my own website because I want to go viral and show my work ,because I want to challenge myself to work harder and be productive . I know in this industry I need people, so I need all of you.
If I am not getting out of my comfort zone I will remain at the same level and I don’t like the idea of not growing as a person and as a photographer /retoucher .
I want to be honest with what I am writing & thinking ,to influence others and not let you feel alone. I’ve been there and it’s not a safe place.
I also decided to start my website because I use Instagram a lot and I would like to have my very own "official" site.
The best aspect of it is that you really have to push yourself and create something new all the time.
I had nothing, and by nothing I mean that I didn’t have great equipment or information about this industry , I just wanted to express my vision through people . I started my project - "Soul Capturing “, because to me photography means more than pressing buttons & switching lenses . It’s about capturing those precious little moments where people are telling stories ,without words ,just by expressing feelings.
The way I am seeing this industry is about moods & attitudes , marketing ,getting out of your comfort zone ,many rejections but also more accomplishments .
Most of the time I spend thinking about ways to make my business work. When I take the camera in my hands it's like “turning the brain off “ and “turning on the heart “. This is where the fun starts .
The portrait from the article is my favourite photo. it is a wonderful boy from a small town .I scouted him for an agency ,because I really wanted to shoot models . He felt very vulnerable because of the rumours about “models “ .At first it was hard working with him because he didn’t want to open up ,but finally I got the perfect moment that I will always remember ( thanks )
From that moment I knew I will do this for a very long,long time.
For me it’s about Soul Capturing, and I want to be remembered as the one who encouraged all of you not to lose control and stay gold .

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