It’s a soulcapturing thing


Today I am refusing to stress out about the things I cannot control or change

I knew this day will come, to make a website and put my work out there to have more visibility. I knew from the start but to be honest I was afraid. I started to had thoughts like “ what if I am not good ?” , “ what if my work is horrible and people around the globe will not appreciate it ..when I put many hours on my work ? “ and lots of what if's, for me it is an interesting journey with Photography, retouching, and scouting.

I like all of them, when I shoot I tend to be more sociable and listen to people, I feel like I am a psychiatrist , I have to listen to people, make them trust me when we are shooting, make them feel confident, especially for the new faces, I still can’t believe that there are some good looking people with 0 confidence. I know, it sucks ... 

When I'm retouching I love to stay calm with myself and think about stuff -what should I do next ? what should I change ? how I see retouching is like therapy.I am constantly learning and putting myself out there ..and for this kind of stuff, I need to charge my batteries.
Scouting I do because I discovered that I am good at and I don’t want to let people down when they can make a living from modeling. It’s funny when they know nothing about this industry and from 0 they become the big thing! -

On this website, you will find my experiences, with what I am dealing every day , thoughts  & emotions.

Like I said, photography is a challenging industry and I have to keep my mind clear, not loose my focus and be prepared to make the next move. Everything is psychological and I am ok with it. I need you to need me, so let's make a pact between us. I want everything to be honest and make a strong bonding. When you enter on my website I want you to be calm, find yourself, if you are feeling a little weird with your feelings I really hope I can help you with my words, even if we don’t know each other.

You can contact me on Instagram or by completing the contact form.

I promise to reach you back as fast as I can. I tried to show to people that feeling blue(I like to use blue instead of sad ) is not always a great idea. The easiest way to get rid of the fear, of that little prick inside of you, is to understand certain things. 

I will picture myself in you, when you are reading these words I hope you can feel my good intentions, because I was alone with nothing to do and losing precious time, I really understand these kinds of things, it’s a soul-capturing thing , and I am not talking about just shooting portraits or famous people ,it is more about creating special moments, be present ,be you and speak with your soul not with a fucking mask .



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