Mom,are u proud?


Tips over tricks . This is for those who are a bit lost now and need something real . Read this when you are alone and when u have time for yourself .

1. "Soul Connections " are rare and amazing ,keep them close or let go , but I guarantee you will never find the same connection again.
2. People will never understand what are you doing as a creative and that's amazing.
3. You will be alone until you will find someone who will truly get your mind and soul. Until then discover yourself.
4. Pay attention to little things ,they matter a lot.
5. Some people will love your presence ,love them and keep them close ,never beg for attention pls,their loss.
6. Afraid? Do the opposite.
7. Working in fashion will help you develop a certain kind of taste.
8. Have an agent ,you will have more time for your creative part.
9. Ask,ask ,ask !!! Communication is the key.
10. Show your soul ,pretty faces are everywhere.
11. If you are a creative ,you will cry a lot ,I know it's hard ,but just go and never stop.
12. Sometimes you will be at the right place and the right time ,trust the timing.
13. Talent isn't enough, don't forget the business aspects.
14. Show your feelings ,everybody is good at hiding them.
15. No need for expensive equipment, just pure intentions and a good heart.
16. U lost ? It's ok , it's part of the process.
17. Crazy and magical is the definition of fashion industry.
18. Fashion isn't a easy market ,that's why I am doing it .
19. Let them wonder ,trust your instincts.
20. "Love/show me or let me go ".
21. Trust me and I will change your life.
22. If your mom is proud of what are u doing ,keep on rollin'.
23. Music is therapy. 





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