Q&A with Andrei Dobrin


For a long time I've wanted to do some Q&A's with people who I admire. I can describe myself as a curios person. I'm intrested in other people's opinions because sometimes they can alter my way of thinking. I do this because every day something new happens and of course I can't really keep the pace with the "new boom"! For a big part of my life I've been pretty quiet, kind of caught in a bubble... Yeah, I was a spoiled brat, don't judge me! It was perfect and boring at the same time, nobody disturbed or disappointed me. Sometimes I'm nervous, because my team, friends or even random people I barely know tell me stories about something interesting they did and I start to feel a bit...weird . My family used to take care of everything, shopping,travel tickets, business, driving . I do love them for doing this, for taking care of everything for such a long time, but I kind of feel like a baby in this big world when I'm by myself. The good part is that now I hustle hard to learn every basic thing I need to know in order to survive in this world. So, please life, just don't pull some tricks on me, will you? Today, I'm giving a shoutout to a young, talented and amazing boy. His name is Andrei Dobrin and he's from Transylvania. He was one of the first boys I've scouted for the agnecy. Honestly, back then I was so desperate to shoot models that I discovered some on my own and signed them! Andrei used a random hashtag on Intagram and so I found him. Sounds crazy but it's true. Andrei modeled for some brands during Fashion Week, including Dior, Diesel Black Gold, JW Anderson, Yohji Yamamoto, Hugo Boss, Acne, Ann Demeulemeester and many more. People went crazy about this kid because he's a fresh face with really cool hair and a relaxed attitude. I still follow Andrei on Instagram to check out how is doing and his family is amazing and supportive! Here are some questions for Andrei:




•How would you describe yourself ?
1. I describe myself as a social person, smart, with a great fashion sense, funny and true to myself.

• How do you feel now ,compared to back then when I discovered you via ig? Did you felt weird ?
2. Back then I didn't really know what modeling was about, and now it's totally different compared to what I thought it would be. So yeah, I've felt kind of weird.

• How fashion week helped you as a model? And why is important to be a part of "fashion week"? •
3. It helped me create my first image as a model, to develop myself and I think that's what Fashion Week is for.

• What show did you liked the most and why?
4. I've liked a lot of the shows that I've done, so I can't really chose one.

• Can you describe me how a day from fw goes?
5. A casting day is tiring as hell, I can't describe it, it's just exhausting. A show day might be great, depends on the show.

• Why do you think people are liking you that much ?
6. Maybe because of my personality. As I said before, I see myself as a very sociable person, maybe it's kind of a talent. But I hope that's just the beggining.

• Did you had bad moments as a model?
7. Yes, when I was late for some jobs or sometimes when I just don't have time to eat because I am caught between castings.

• What can you tell to a boy/girl who would like to be a model ,any advice?
8. I'll let them know that they'll have to sacrifice a lot. Sometimes it's exhausting, sometimes it's disappointing, but in the end is satisfying.

•It is hard to study and work as a model?
9. Sometimes it really is, especially if there are teachers that don't understant the situation I'm in.

 • Can you tell me the difference between a lookbook /campaign in your vision ?
10. The first difference is that the campaign means much more money. Then the campaign may have a story behind it, while a lookbook is usually the same thing. Also a campaign means more exposure for the model who does it.

• How do you take care of yourself when you are traveling that much ?
11. I think travelling on your own is not for everybody, but I believe that's for me, so it's easy for me to survive.

• What is your favorite designer ? and why ?
12. I like JW Anderson, Kris van Assche and Raf Simons the most. I find myself in their creations.

• What makes you happy ? Truly happy ? Does something scares you?
13. I'm the happiest person when I inspire people. I hope I'll be able to do it even for more people than I do at this moment. I'm also happy when I get free stuff from my jobs haha! Yep, I have a strange phobia, but I won't let you know that.

• Give 10 songs from you playlist ,I know you have some good taste !
14. I'll let you choose 10 songs from ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, Joey Badass etc or even my Romanian fam Killa Fonic.

• Did you set up some goals in you life ? Can you tell me some ?
15. Since I started modeling my goal is to create a very good image of my country and to let other nations know the good things my country had done and still does.

•Do you have a favorite a photographer /magazine /artist ? Who inspire you in the fashion world ?
16. I don't. I try to find inspiration in anything.

• What keeps you motivated?
17. Family, friends and people who follow me.


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