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I know I am an awful bastard for not posting a while. I am thinking at this every day, but I still have to figure things out and recommend you a good perspective to help you out or maybe we should figure it out together? Few days ago (I don't know who follows me on instagram) I posted a picture on instagram story with "how often should I post on my blog" and most of the people picked up "2 post per week". I promise I will try. It's very nice of people who picked up that. In my last year, I concentrated on fashion, like connecting to people and getting to know them, to know -the real them - and of course scouting. I want to talk a little bit about scouting because it had a huge impact for my life. I feel that it's the time to open up and tell the world why is so fucking important to me. For a long time (yes, for me it's a long time, because I am kind of irresolute) I worked for an agency I don't want to name it because I am not here to make bad publicity on my website. I know some people know it, but shhh, please or at least ask me in private if you are curious.

   So, I worked for them at least 2 years or 3 and I also took care of their instagram. I got very attached to be honest and I guess this is my number 1 mistake with clients. I get way to attached, but I am proud of who I am. That's why I have an agent that is cold blooded (kidding).

So I scouted, scouted, scouted. I did lose a lot of time and I felt bad sometimes. I felt like my family are letting me down because they didn't trust me at all on my photography/vision. I am not saying that I am perfect at this job, but I think my pictures have something special, don't you?

   Long story short, it was bad most of the times, but I don't give up. I never give up, I choose to cry my ass off and then get back to the game, but it was my first time when I gave up, because to be honest it was very, very hard. I really felt like my heart can't take it anymore, so I listened to it. It still hurts and I know it's not that big of a deal, but for me at that time was everything. I took some time off with everything to clear my mind and bought some crystals and stones. I wear now 2 crystals like a reminder that I should stay calm all the time and figure it out because I am not alone.

The good news is that I learned a lot from people. How to talk with them and who has potential for a model.

   Finally, I found an agency, very nice one, with a very nice director. I hope that I will make him proud because he is giving me honest opinions about the future models. He is taking his time to explain me stuff and I know that I will go beyond everything with this kind of people.

I am really grateful for what's happening now, like you know, after the storm the sun comes out.

   At this agency, where I am working in the present, @weareone, is one special girl named Sophie. She caught my attention immediately, even my agent (she is a girl) said "oh, wow". I haven't met Sophie yet, but I hope I will. I will also like to shoot her, if I will ever get the chance.

   She is new at @weareone, but she is already kicking everything. I sound like a fan, haha, but I really think she is a kind human being. This is another reason why I am so lucky where I am now.

I decided to make a short Q&A with Sophie and hope you will like it. Don't hesitate to follow her and tell her how amazing and beautiful model she is (but not to much, haha).

Enjoy the interview.


1. Can you tell me about you? Like how you started and how did you grow in this industry

2. Where are you from?

3. Who or what inspired you to be a model?

4. What you love the most about Weareone management?

5. Do you have a favorite artist or a model who inspires you?

6. Does social media is important for success?

7. Are you afraid of castings? haha.

8. Do you have any style ‘must haves’ at the moment?

9. Favorite tunes(music) to wake up to?

10. Tea or coffee?

11. Are you working (fitness) a lot?

12. Do you have a passion?

13. What you dislike most about people?

14. Are you gone more than you are home?

15. Dogs or cats?

16. Sneaker or heels?

17. Are you a talky person or more listener?

18. What type of music do you like?


1. I am Sophie Lempers and I am 19 years old, I started doing modelling work when I was 17 years old. It was kind of funny because Weareone management (my motheragency) found me on instagram that is how it all started. I think because of my trips I did, I learned more and more about modelling work also it is a perfect opportunity to work on your portfolio!

2. I am from the Netherlands but I am not fully Dutch, my mother is from Indonesia and my dad is from the Netherlands.

3. I think my mother’s agent, Marco Longato, because in the beginning I was not sure if I could be a model, but Marco made me stronger and stronger and told me about all the things that will happen and he is always right.

4. Weareone management is very personal, I can always talk to them and they will always listen and help me feel better if I am sad or something. It just feels like a family and that is what I love the most.

5. Yes, I have. I definitely look up to Kate Moss and Sara Sampaio. First of all because they are gorgeous, but the most important thing is that they are not tall at all like me, sometimes it is a little bit harder to be a model when you are not tall. They proved that it is possible to be a successful model when you are smaller than other models. I think they gave me power

6. Yes, I believe that because of the fact that I am a model and because I was found on instagram. Also, I see my instagram page as my second portfolio because a lot of photographers or bookers will check your instagram, so it is very important to look professional.

7. To be honest , at the beggining I was. Sometimes it can make you very nervous when you have a casting for a popular brand because you don’t want to screw it up, of course. Also, a hard thing is that there will be a lot of models, so it can make you insecure about yourself. Now I don’t have that problem anymore. When I go to the castings I say to myself: “I can do this and if they don’t want me, it is not because of me, but they just want another type of girl.”

8. Yes, I have. At the moment, I love oversized sweaters because it is getting so cold and I am not made for winter, but I combine it with a skirt, so it still looks nice.

9. I love listening to rap, R&B and hiphop music. It is the best way to start the day.

10. Definitely tea. I hate coffee, I don’t like the taste at all. A lot of people say you need to learn to like the taste of coffee, but I doubt it. That’s why I choose tea. I always start the day with a cup of tea and to be precise, tea with cinnamon flavour.

11. To be honest I only work on my belly. Before I go to sleep, I do exercises to train my stomach. When the weather is nice (you know I hate cold), I also like to run outside. I put my headphones in and put extra hard music and just run for a while.

12. Yes, I have. I love fashion. I can just walk around for hours in stores while looking at the clothes and make different combinations in my head. What looks nice or not. What I also do is looking at people, what they wear and that is where I get my inspiration from.

13. I really don’t like when people are arrogant or when people act nice in your face, but talk bad about you, behind your back. It is just not nice.

14. Well, I counted it. This year I was 6 months abroad and 6 months at home, so it is fifty-fifty, but my goal is to travel more because I like to work abroad and see new countries.

15. Definitely dogs. I am an animal person, so I love all kind of animals, but my most favorite is the dog. I have a shiba/akita and she is my best friend. Always when I come home from a busy day, she hugs me and is so happy to see me.

16. Hmm, this is a good one. I rather walk on sneakers than heels, but I feel better when I walk on heels because I am taller, so I guess both.

17. It depends if I am with my friends or with people I don’t really know. If I am with my friends, I like to talk a lot, but if I am with people I don’t know, I rather listen. For me, it always take some time to feel good to talk a lot.

18. I like Rap, R&B and hip hop music. My favorite artist are 50 Cent, G-Eazy, Eminem, Kodak Black and many more.

Thank you Daiana for falling my words in the right way.   

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