Step in or step it out


No 1 rule FW SS19 Paris (read more)

Step in or step it out
Is my rule number 1 now-days
I really,really,really don’t know why people are givin’ up on their dreams or ideal life.
Maybe because it’s hard , maybe because they will be alone for a long ,long ,long time .. (and this is a fact )
I decided to put here some question what people are asking me most of the time when they hear that I am a photog’

If you don’t know me ..At the moment I go /shoot in Paris at FW, (maybe I should soon in Milan, but who knows? ) . It’s just my 3rd time attempting at this amazing event , so I am kinda new .
I don’t know why this topic is so low key , you barely find anything on google or articles , but maybe it’s part of its magic
So I will answer what I know until now


1 Week?
My life change in 7 days 360 degrees every time I go there . I have a goal that every time I attempt at this event I have to work as much as I can

2 What I do at fashion week?
I shoot for magazines , goin’ backstage and runway .

3 Do you think models remember you?
Maybe . Or I hope so . I am interested in few models like Blanca Padilla,Roos,Vitto,Kaya andd Grace.
This year I made a gift to Romee so I really hope she likes it

4 How is Kendall?
More down to earth than you

5 And Emily ?
Low key

6 Behind the scenes moments?
I really think every moment in backstage is important . I have this sensation that I cannot breathe and my heart is beating very fast . Like I am falling in love .
So the first stage is when I arrive in backstage and I realize I am there and I panic and stare at my camera and think” lol , I am here “ and I am sending messages “ I AM HEREE” and send pictures or post on it story to have it forever there
Second stage is when I’m shaking because I am so happy , but I have to shoot and talk w models and hope that nobody notice that I’m shaking ,
3rd stage , I have this relief and I get to be calm and spend the last hour in backstage amazed and grateful for being there
(While I am feeling these emotions I shoot all the time and talk with people from there )

7 Why I post this much on ig story?
Because somehow I want to show how my life is and how I am evolving as a person/photog ,how I think and .. that is possible to do what you love

8 Why it doesn’t work it out sometimes ?
Maybe because you are not honest and maybe because you want more than you deserve (give <=> receive)
And maybe also because you waste your time and energy to wrong people

9 Best equipment?
Doesn’t matter . Just don’t go in debt, pls

10 Promise?
Promise to yourself that you will not quit

11 Be prepared for..?
Walking so much that your feet are gonna fall down , being pissed of for not letting you at the show for being a little late
Being pushed for the perfect shot
And maybe you will fail most of the times and that’s ok
Oh ,be prepared for being left out

12 The best team?
Your agent and creative director

13 Difference between backstage/runway/streetstyle?

Backstage-shooting moments /first look
Runway -shooting collection
Streetstyle - having taste

14 Best lesson
Feeling that you have a connection with someone on short time and learn to step in or step out

15 Why more than just a photograph?
Your magic is in your hands and heart
You understand people
You see the beauty in everything

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