The ugly truth


I am not saying that I am right 100% or the most clever person ever, maybe I am the dumbest, haha. These past few days, I had quite time to be present in my day to day life, like more present than usual (this is my number 1 rule), because I had a "little vacantion". But also, I like to check social media and tend to get lost over there, but it really helps to motivate me and push the boundaries a little bit harder. So, back to what I wanted to say, I had a little time to be present and observe more things, and I wanted to say why I keep writing here and why I will still be doing this. First, I wanted to say thank you for reading my words, I don't read too many blogs to be honest and when I read I am engaged to that person forever, or at least for a long time, but for sure forever, haha. It's important to take some time off and clear your mind with other perspectives.



  Iknow I said I will give you "professional" advice, like what you should buy and co (as equipment), but most of the times I will speak up about how to develop a good mindset according to my opinion and my perspective, of course.

  I am not "bullishiting" around, because I am tired to lose many time reading hopeless words by other just to have views on their post or whatever they want to do. Believe me, I've been up and down, again up and again down, and now I am going up. It's not easy, especially when you want to work in fashion/luxury industry.
So today, I want to dedicate it to people who are talented, but they are still new in their field, in whatever they do, and you need to fucking wake up.
  Just TEST everything out. If you are a photographer, shoot, shoot, shoot, but please don't be dumb and just press the button, try to think a little bit about the final picture. When I have to shoot, for example, I think about "this picture will be rebloged on tumblr?". And I guess it works, because I find my pictures on Tumblr or weheartit/ig. What I want to say is DO IT, because it helps. I know you think you are good, but you will never be that good, you can be good at creating something but you have to adjust every time your style and maybe add something new or give up some habits. For example, I used to retouch a lot of my pictures. Now, I like them raw, I still edit my pictures, but a bit more realistic. After I retouch, I lower the opacity at 30% or 50%, depending of the shoot.
You are a blogger? WRITE MORE about travel/food/products, test some stuff out, not just Chanel. Try new brands, try and try and try. If you just started, it's the perfect time to test everything and then decide what you like. ACCEPT the fact that you are a new creative fellow, you have to shoot/paint/sing/write things you don't like because yes, maybe, you are little down and your family still supports you, but have to make some cash and put it at least away for a while. You never know when you will need it. You or your family.

  I know it sucks, one of my friends said to me "but this is my talent and this is what I love, I am choosing to be a creative and to do what I love ". Everyone wants it, but first you have to go right in the ocean and learn how to save money, develop skills to market yourself and, of course, understand people.
  Do you think I am doing just awesome campaigns and model shoots? Yeah, right. But, at least I have money to make more money later. Lose some ego. If you are a creative one, please, understand that it's not about you, it's about us, it's more about other people. You can have all the money, all the cars, all you want, and still have nothing, you have to accept this. It's the ugly truth, but if you think you are the best because you have 1k likes on instagram or you are the best because you have money. I actually laught writing this, because they actually believe that they are the best just because they have money. You can say goodbye to creative field and go get a real job, then. Choose to die original. Try not to be a copy, inspire yourself, but try to be you. It will be forever and nobody can't take it from you. I tried to copy, just to be a "fashion photographer ", but to be honest, it was more exhausting than expressing myself. Your version is awesome, believe me. Adjust, learn, cry, scream, be different and don't be afraid. This is an action post and an action blog. You can read my 2$ blog or buy the best and expensive books with the best advices, but if you are not doing anything, you are wasting your time. Chat around. Be open. If you don't want to show your secrets, it's ok, I don't care, but be open, be social and grow yourself with awesome people around you.
Funny story: I have many friends and all of them are very different, and all of them come to me and asking me certain stuff about my other friends or people I know. Do you know why? Because they trust me and because they know I care about people which are around me. Not just for the money or for the reputation. Please don't show that you have only a "luxurious " life, because you don't. Maybe you have an Iphone X, a smart watch, a bulldog, big cars, a big house, but these things means nothing. Just the dog.
  I am happy no matter where I am, if I have the right people with me (or dogs).
Action, action, action. You will thank me later. Just reach out to people, we are humans. So, show that you are human too.


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