Thoughts from Paris


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I guess Paris is my place where I really grow as a person ,as a photographer and everything. My mind is different now from when I really started shooting . .not only just that ,
So.. Paris ..thank you. People from fashion week thank you. I am so .. so for everything. I don't have words , maybe just tears to express my happiness, haha( kidding ) not crying , but I am a little emotional for realizing great stuff and go to a next level to be a better person (or I hope so)

Paris is still magical /unreal,beautiful .
Romantic place
Blanca Padilla is still the best model for me
Emrata is still my dream girl . Such a beautiful smile .
I like Kendall more now . I like Kendall for being just Kendall (yes ,you can judge me but her eyes are honest . The eyes never lie)
Paris is a reminder that "now" right now is really important . I think my new fav' phase is " catch it , or lose it forever " .
The "Hard to get " title is old school .
I am literally shaking and can't breathe when I am in love with something .
Being honest will take you places .
Losing people is shit , but I'd rather have few and love my craziness .
Trust your intuition .
Always choose honesty over confusion .
Clicks between people happen in few seconds , believe me . Don't force anything with anyone, it's not worth it , but you are worth it and your time is precious .
Yesterday night I really wanted to see Blanca for the last time this season and I left an editorial I was shooting just to catch her.. running an extra mile I guess it's my thing . I will always be there for the people who will run also for me like I did for Blanca .
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